Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms and burglar alarm system designed, installed and maintained in Ayrshire & Central Scotland

Protect your property with cutting edge burglar alarm technology. Invincible offer cost effective security solutions backed up with our SSAIB Accreditation – the highest insurance approval available.

Over the past few years the rules governing burglar alarm systems has changed. Burglar alarm systems are now graded 1, 2, 3 or 4. 1 being a basic system, 2 for mainly domestic applications, 3 for mainly commercial applications and 4 for high security applications such as banks and jewellery outlets. You should consult your insurance company as to what grade of intruder alarm you require.

Once you have decided on the grade of your system you can the decide whether it is bells only or whether your burglar alarm should be remotely monitored to expect a police response. There are various options and again your insurance company will dictate what type of monitoring is required depending on the specific risks to your home or business.

SSAIB Accredited burglar alarms – the highest insurance approval available

Current legislation requires monitored burglar alarm systems to comply with PD6662 2010. This means that when an alarm system is triggered the monitoring station will receive an un-confirmed alarm signal. They will immediately contact the key holders but cannot contact the police at this stage. It is only when another zone within the system is violated that the signal becomes confirmed. At this stage the police can be requested to respond. This requirement will be considered in the design of your burglar alarm system to ensure a confirmed alarm is generated as quickly as possible in the event of a break-in. This regulation was instigated by ACPO (Association of Police Officers) to minimise call-outs to false burglar alarms. The Police levy a one off £45 fee to provide you with a URN (unique reference number).

Our burglar alarms start at a reasonable £499 plus VAT. When you bear in mind that 90% of break-ins occur in properties without an intruder alarm system, it makes sense to have an Invincible alarm system installed before you become a victim.

What’s new!

We have recently introduced our wireless intruder alarm system which has an APP. This feature provides you FULL functionality of your system from your smart phone. So, wherever you are you get instant notifications of an event with the ability to set, un-set or check the log. You can even add cameras and fire detection to the system providing you one APP for total safety and security.