Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems for homes and businesses designed and installed in Ayrshire, Glasgow & Kilmarnock areas.

We offer Secure Door Entry Systems for homes and businesses, audio and video entry systems with one or multiple call buttons, keypad or proximity reader. All professionally installed at competitive prices with full manufacturers warranty.

Audible Door Entry Systems

Control entry to your home or office by installing a simple cost effective Audible Door Entry system. At the entrance to the property there would be a unit housing a speaker and push button which the visitor would use to alert the occupants of the property of that they wish to gain access. The owner of the property once satisfied of the identity of the caller over the intercom can allow access by pressing a button at the handset which in turn operates an electric release fitted to the door lock.

Video Door Entry System

If there’s a necessity to see who’s entering your property why not install a Video Door Entry System, supplied with either a black and white or colour monitor. These systems operate in a similar way to that of the Audible Door Entry system.

Were there are a number of staff using the premises why not add a keypad to either your Audible or Video Entry systems. When issued with a code the staff come and go as they please without causing disruption. Please note keypads can be added to existing systems.

Wirefree Door Entry System

If you live in a large house or work in a office which may or may not have a existing Door Entry system and you’re fed up walking back and forth to answer the door or handset then why not consider installing a Wire Free Door Entry system. The system operates with a cordless handset giving you mobility around your accommodation and still gives you the ability to speak to whoever it is at the door and allow access by pressing a button on the handset – it couldn’t be more simpler.

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