The terrible and tragic news coming out of Russia concerning the major fire which has happened in Kemerovo shows only to clearly that it really does not matter where in the world you live or work, the same basic principles for fire safety apply.

The press report below highlights in dramatic and graphic detail the importance that fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, fire exits and correct training play in providing sensible and effective fire safety measures.

Press link below for details:

Fire Tragedy at Russian Mall

The devastation of losing at least 64 innocent lives through inadequate fire safety systems and procedures, shows the importance to have all fire safety systems maintained by an approved accredited BAFE & Ifeda company.

Make sure your fire safety system and products are fit for purpose in the event of an unfortunate incident to protect this tragedy from happening to you.

Ignorance is no excuse, call Invincible Security for advice to keep you safe and compliant.