Please note everyone with an alarm system, having just visited a customer who has been targeted by thieves. The incident happened Saturday night at a commercial premises. Thieves smashed the external bellboxx from the wall then sat in hiding until the owner / police arrived. They waited until they had left then proceeded to break in to the premises where they stole over £16k worh of goods outwith the damage caused. Whereas as before thieves would remove the magnet from the door to disable the system from being set they are now removing your bellbox. They know that the system cannot be reset with a bellbox tamper which leaves the premises vulnerable to intrusion which also means there is no monitoring whilst the system is un-set. This also has repoccussions with regards insurance should a claim be made.

ThievesIf your alarm activated and you find your bellbox has been tampered with you must ensure you contact your alarm company to make good the system ASAP. Please do not leave the presmises with the alarm un-set for the above reasons. We have alerted all of our engineers who carry spare bell boxes at all times to mitigate the risk. Should you require further information please email or us a us a call where we will be more than happy to help.