Garden shed did not ignite ‘spontaneously’

Fire crews from Kilwinning and Ardrossan Community Fire Stations raced to reports of a derelict building on fire in Craigdene Drive in Stevenston in the early hours of Saturday morning.

At 3.40am officers arrived at the address and it was discovered that a garden shed was found to be alight and the service personnel used a high pressure hosereel to extinguish the fire. Station Manager Derek Davidson stated: “I have concerns in relation to any fire which occurs in the early hours of the morning but in particular where it seems the circumstances may point to deliberate ignition. “Garden sheds rarely ignite spontaneously therefore foul play may have been involved in this instance. “I would urge householders and neighbours to remain vigilant in relation to any unusual noises or movements within your local communities and additionally ensure that out buildings are secure to prevent easy access. “Contact Police Scotland should you have any information relating to this incident, or if you spot any unusual activity in your neighbourhood.”

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